WELCOME 2017. BYYEEE 2016!

Whoa, it's 2 0 1 7.  I can't believe it's a new year, again!  It's kind of amazing how much change can happen in 365 days.  We welcomed Clyde Hayes to the family four weeks early on June 29, 2016 - more to say about that below.  We planned lots of beautiful weddings and corporate events.  Bryan and I celebrated two years of marriage - go team Coston.  We road tripped to some really outstanding places (Phoenix, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and Lake Tahoe) to challenge our portfolio and build friendorships - yep, that's a made up word.  We made some creative changes to our branding presence from the website to the logo.  And all the working parts of our business got a little prettier.  Most exciting, we said YES to a lot of fun adventures that led us to meet tons of new people across the country.

But, truly, the biggest change in our life was having a baby.  We were expecting Clyde to arrive in July via planned c-section (C was breech my entire pregnancy).  Not sure if the stress of four weddings and a corporate event in June caused early labor, but my water broke mid-morning on the 29th while Bryan was traveling out of town for business.  Yikes!  We've been chasing sleep and living on the edge ever since!

If you've been keeping up with the Costons, you likely know a little back story on our journey to starting our family.  In June 2015, we welcomed Beau, Clyde's big brother, but not in the circumstances we imagined.  Beau was stillborn at 39 weeks - a cruel ending to a hard pregnancy and the start of an agonizing journey.  But, exactly one year and two weeks later, we delivered sweet Clyde.  Because Clyde was four weeks early, his lungs were underdeveloped and he spent eight days in the NICU.  Tough days to say the least. It was a challenging time for our family as we feared the worst.  Clyde was a tiny 5 lbs 11 ounces, but he was resilient.  The NICU photos are a testament to his grueling recovery.  He was covered in monitors, wires and tubes. 

But, we survived.  Clyde is now seven months old!  All the tubes and wires are gone.

Of course, we still struggle and mourn the loss of Beau.  And, often, we think without Beau there would certainly be no Clyde.

What a ride, folks!  Parenthood is hard.  Frankly, the struggle was shocking to us after losing a child.  How could something we wanted for so long be so, so hard?  And, I certainly struggled with baby blues and post postpartum stuff that I was NOT prepared for.  Now, we're getting some sleep, finding our routine and really coming into our groove.  Our world isn't perfect, but we sure do enjoy our crazy new life.

And, all that to say, I've been a little busy and a little quiet on the ole interweb lately.  Mostly, because I HATE blogging.  There, I said it.  I don't blog for all the benefits of SEO and bringing traffic to Southern Social.  I usually blog because there is something important to share.  So, I'll do better, maybe.  In the meantime, we'll be hitting it hard on Instagram stories and working out all the details for this season. 

xx - A


Family Photos: Lindsey Grace Photography  |  Clyde Photos: Jenna Henderson Photography